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The Problem


Maritime freight traffic accounts for 90% of world trade. This huge industry is still affected by a series of key problems: bureaucratic inefficiency and risk of fraud


  • Bureaucracy
  • Delays
  • High Costs
    High Costs
  • Fraud
    Risk of Fraud

The complex value chain and the large differences (in size, topology and geographical differences) between the companies that form it increase the lack of trust between the different parties



Our platform is based on Blockchain technology that guarantees the realization of verified transactions, transparency, and full confidence in the authenticity of the documents


  • Transparency
  • Immutability
  • Cost Reduction
    Cost Reduction
  • Traceability

ChainGO Platform


Step 1

User Identification


Step 2

Create Order


Step 3



Step 4

Validate in Real Time

About Us

Our objective is to transform the cargo shipping industry bringing it to a new age of efficiency and transparency!



Approaching the Blockchain technology to the cargo shipping industry in order to transform the way things get done today



Accelerate the digital transformation of one of the biggest industries in the world



Innovation, Traceability, Immutability, Quality, Efficiency, and Sustanability


Jordan Sorensen

Jordan Sorensen Co-Founder

The blockchain master behind the platform, with a dilated experience as database administrator and a Dual Master Degree in Business Administration (International Business) and Big Data and Business Analytics from IE Business School. He is the techie in control of the back end and the integration with the Blockchain. And an ace public speaker, our blockchain evangelist. Also a lacrosse coach.

Andrés Garrido

Andrés Garrido Co-Founder

Our Swiss knife, an aeronautical engineer with more than six years of experience in the Aerospace sector. He is in charge of the business strategy, sales, operations, and finance. He is extremely passionate about innovation and how new technology trends are going to disrupt logistics and many other business as we know them today.

Pilar Troncoso

Pilar Troncoso Co-Founder and Advisor

Our business development angel. Ex Yaap Digital Services, Ex PwC between many other things. She knows how to knock any door that has to be knocked. She is everywhere she has to be, sometimes in more than one place at the same time.

Eric Saupe

Eric Saupe Software Developer

Our best friend, the one connecting the dots, from an idea to a product. Software developer with broad experience in different scripting languages. Graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Utah. He is in charge of the front end develop of our products and the website.

Ricardo Rúbio

Ricardo Rúbio Advisor

The logistics expert. With more than 30 years of experience in the Cargo Shipping industry and a broad knowledge of the logistic industry in general. Founder of his own company Carex Logistics which also related with e-commerce. He teaches us everything he knows about the complexity of the industry at the national and the international level.

Cristina Carrascosa

Cristina Carrascosa Legal Counsel

Our legal advisor, the ones that take care that we do everything as we should. A blockchain expert, really passionate about every legal aspect related with crypto currencies and blockchain based companies. Speaker and professor, way more than just a legal advisor. Check out her book 'Blockchain: La revolución Industrial'.

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