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ChainGO Tech was born in 2017. In the same year it launched its MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

In 2018 it carried out its first pilot tests of the ChainGO Freight platform with freight forwarders and large exporters.

Once successfully completed, in 2019, ChainGO starts to commercialize its platform to new customers. In that year, new national and international partners were acquired and new projects were also developed through European programmes.

In 2020 ChainGO closes an investment round of 950.000€, ending that year with new clients and new types of projects. In this year it is also part of the SIMPLE Project, promoted by Puertos del Estado and celebrates the first edition of its innovation event in the logistics sector, the LYT20.

In 2021, ChainGO is taking its first steps in the US market and is developing new projects.


We develop and commercialize technological blokchain-based solutions that allow companies and organizations to improve the information flows associated to their logistics processes.