How does the internationalization process of ChainGO begin?

International expansion is usually one of the main desires of a startup, however, given the complexity of the process of expanding into other borders, this remains a long-term goal.

That’s why there are initiatives such as Innowwide, which aim to position small and medium innovative European companies at the forefront of international markets, doing so in such a way that this innovative company carries out a VAP (Viability Assessment Project) with another local company in an external country.

In Innowwide’s 2019 call, 50 companies have been selected, among which is ChainGO, given its innovative character providing agility of documentation and information in the freight transport industry, centered on disruptive technologies such as blockchain.

With which company does ChainGO enter Uruguay?

And as could not be otherwise, the company that will carry out the project is CPA Ferrere, in the Uruguayan market (which is also present in other Latin American markets such as Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay). CPA Ferrere is a prestigious firm of professional services in different areas, such as finance, strategy and technology, and has innovation in its DNA, which makes it a profile totally compatible with ChainGO.

ChainGO is proud to reach international markets with companies such as CPA Ferrere and initiatives such as Innowwide, which make our solution to transform the freight transport industry and the adoption of blockchain technology ever closer. And this is something that fortunately ChainGO is also working in similar cases such as Blockchers, the program through which a pilot project is being developed with JCV Shipping, which we can learn more in detail by clicking here.

We are very grateful to Innowwide and to CPA Ferrere for their trust, we hope that this is only the beginning of a great path that we have ahead of us and with which every startup dreams, internationalization.

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