This week of January the 3rd European Blockchain Convention has been held in Barcelona on the 20th and 21st, one of the main events on Blockchain at the European level.

Here at ChainGO we had the opportunity to attend, not only as attendees, but as finalists of the blockchain startups competition RACE by EBC.

The first day of the event was dedicated to conferences formed by more than 50 experts in blockchain technology, so we had the opportunity to hear representatives of Alastria, Banco Santander, Endesa, Ferrovial, Grupo Damm, ING or R3.

However, it is also worth noting the presence here of entities such as the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the Central Bank of England, the EU Blockchain Observatory and other large companies such as American Express and Microsoft.

The most interesting aspect of these conferences was undoubtedly the diversity, since blockchain technology was discussed in our field (Supply Chain & Logistics), such as from the regulatory point of view, use cases such as health, public sector, etc.

The 2nd day took place the RACE by EBC, where we were one of the 21 blockchain startups at European level, selected as finalist. So we competed to be the best blockchain startup with other finalists like Trazable, Arex, Blocktac, Staxe and many more.

We can see some of those use cases and many more by clicking here.

Each of us had the opportunity to present to investors, press, VCs, etc, our solution based on blockchain technology, thus contemplating different blockchain use cases applied to: identity verification tools, consumer protection, food traceability, digitalization of real estate transactions…

After competing to be the best blockchain startup in Europe, we also had the opportunity to have 1-to-1 meetings, with agents such as investors or VCs.

For ChainGO it has been a pleasure to be part of an ecosystem with different members where we are all united by the blockchain technology.

In the same way, although finally the winner and worthy of the award for Best Blockchain Startup in Europe has been Gataca, we are delighted to have been one of the finalist blockchain startups in RACE by EBC.

We hope to be here again next year and to be present at more events like this. For now… See you in March at the Blockchers final!

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