What is Chaingo Freight?

ChainGO Freight is an innovative logistics software in which loaders and logistics companies share and manage all the documentation and information needed to transport goods in a more agile, fast and secure way.

Guaranteeing complete traceability between the different agents in a Blockchain environment, thus generating a more efficient supply chain.


Software freight transport


The ChainGO Freight logistics software facilitates the complete transparency of the entire freight transport process for the final actors. They can see the traceability and tracking of all the documentation of the goods.

Software freight transport


Thanks to the use of Blockchain technology, all the information and documentation uploaded to the platform is immutable so it cannot be modified.

So everything is recorded: who uploaded the information, who validated it, who signed it and who requests a modification.

Software freight transport

Cost reduction

Currently, 20% of transport costs are associated with bureaucratic processes.

ChainGO Freight provides a reduction of these costs and also minimizes the indirect costs that result in delays and penalties.