What is Blockchers?

Blockchers is a program, whose focus is not necessarily to grow or accelerate a startup, but to connect an SME with a startup that provides a solution to one of their needs by applying blockchain technology. In this way, the goal is to run a pilot project with the SME.

Project with JCV Shipping

Seventy proposals were presented to this challenge, from many different industries, which have gone through the selection process. ChainGO was one of the startups that presented its proposal from logistics sector focused on maritime transport with the SME, JCV Shipping. JCV is seeking to integrate blockchain technology solutions into their existing processes.

Of those 70 projects, 12 managed to move to the Immersion phase of Blockchers program, where ChainGO was selected to participate. This phase took place in Budapest on October 9th and 10th (one week after participating as finalists in South Summit 2019). There, ChainGO prepared an MVP of the technical solution and a specific roadmap for a proof of concept with our partner, JCV Shipping. On the second day, after a presentation to the jury, it was decided who would be the 8 finalists to advance of which ChainGO was fortunately selected.

Final Phase of Blockchers

The move to this final round of the Blockchers event means that ChainGO will receive support and funding to continue running the pilot project and develop the functionalities needed to solve JCV Shipping’s problems in the supply chain.

The final presentation will take place in March 2020, in Frankfurt, where we will present the completed pilot project and demonstrate how we have built a replicable solution that can then go directly to market.

But, it should be noted that advancing the Blockchers program not only gives us the opportunity to finance a PoC, but also gives us access to certified programs based on blockchain technology through Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, free consulting through the Zabala consulting group, as well as technical support in the Alastria ecosystem.

As always, we are delighted to be able to participate in a program at this level, to enjoy an environment with more people who have come to the program to showcase other innovative solutions and to see how our effort is being rewarded when we move forward from phase to phase.

See you in March 2020!

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