Who is ChainGO Tech?

ChainGo Tech (ChainGO for short) is a software and logistics company dedicated to optimizing the flow of information and documentation in the supply chain of international trade. Although Spanish in origin the company has since taken an international approach to the industry as trade happens every day, all day and in all parts of the world. ChainGO focuses on applying advanced technologies like Blockchain and Big Data Analytics to help bring digitization, security and ultimately efficiency to an industry rife with deficiencies in their current processes.

The company was created while the founders, Jordan Sorensen and Andres Garrido, were studying together at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain.

What is ChainGO Freight?

ChainGo freight is the first product released by ChainGO Tech, it covers all the necessary movements of data and documentation of cargo in Air, Ground and Sea Transportation. It is specifically designed to address the needs of all the players in the supply chain while promoting and supporting integration into the current systems being used by the individual actors. 

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is an advanced database protocol that validates and stores information in a particular way as to connect and encrypt the information making it immutable, transparent and completely traceable to any party with access. There are several types of blockchains but for simplicity sake we will narrow it down to those such as public (Bitcoin, Ethereum), Private/Permissioned (Hyperledger, Quorum) and consortium (R3, Alastria). Each one of these is useful for some purposes and weaker in others creating a delicate ecosystem for promoting blockchain based initiatives. You can find more information here. Often times blockchains are used along with DLT (Digital ledger Technology) as interchangeable terms or to note core differences in their technological structure but in essence the aim to provide the same service.

ChainGo Tech focuses on a blockchain agnostic approach aiming to be compatible for different blockchains as they meet clients needs. One client may want to work with a more controlled, private space like Alastria and another wants the access and transparency of a public chain like Ethereum. Whatever your needs, ChainGO is dedicated to dymystifying blockchain with smart, user-friendly UX and hands on customer service.

Contact our sales team if you are interested in learning more about how blockchain can help your business today. sales@chaingotech.com

Are Blockchain and ChainGO related to Bitcoin?

Usually when someone is being introduced to Blockchain technology the terminology surrounding it is completely foreign and new.  Conversely, because of the many headlines over the last 2 years everyone has heard of bitcoin. In reality, Bitcoin is the first mainstream use case of blockchain technology in action. Bitcoin cannot exist without blockchain technology because blockchain is the underlying technology that makes it function as an online cryptocurrency. There are many other use cases and platforms built with blockchain technology such as Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger, Ripple etc…

At this point in time ChainGO is focused on Blockchains or DLT that implement smart contracts, programmable functions to automate processes, which does not include Bitcoin.

Why is it beneficial to use ChainGO?

When people begin researching Blockchain Technology, they almost always wind up at the use case of Blockchain in the Supply Chain. It is one of the most obvious use cases because the benefits can be easily understood (immutability, traceability, collaborative environment, etc…) even by those who do not fully understand the underlying technology. There are some excellent videos, here and here, on this subject. Although this is a clear use case from a technological and industry standpoint, it understates how difficult it is to apply blockchain due to the many externalities that a supply chain can entail. Particularly, this can be seen as it applies to international maritime shipping.

Each shipment can involve 15+ different companies all completing their portion of the shipment. For this very reason the industry still operates and relies heavily on paper documents moved by messengers, there are too many hands and not enough trust in the authenticity of digital documents. ChainGO Tech provides that trust by applying Blockchain Technology and wrapping it in an innovative, user friendly experience that is customized and adjusted for the clients needs. Either through the platform itself or with direct integration with clients existing systems ChainGO helps optimize the processes in trade and transport saving clients time and money.


What is the Blockchain being used for?

Blockchain is being used to disrupt many different industries such as health care, financial services, cloud storage and more.

What types of companies is ChainGO used for?

ChainGO is used for all players involved in international trade including shippers, freight forwarders and port authorities.

What network does ChainGO use?

ChainGO freight was created using the Ethereum network but has since expanded to include other networks per the needs of our clients.

How can I implement ChainGO in my company?

Contact our sales team at sales@chaingotech.com to speak with our representatives about usage or integration with your system.