The most innovative blockchain logistics software to handle all your cargo documentation needs.

ChainGO Freight is based on Blockchain technology which guarantees the realization of verified transactions, transparency, and full confidence in the authenticity of the documents.

Connecting you to cutting edge technologies to make your process safe, secure and efficient.

Using Blockchain technology allows you to guarantee the authenticity of your digital documents directly through our logistics software or integrating directly into your own ERP platform.

Solving your logistics issues in Ground, Air and Seaborn transport.

ChainGO Freight and its extended API services are built specifically for all types of transportation helping you solve your inefficiency or problems wherever they are found.

Freight transport

Our Blockchain Logistics Software

ChainGO Freight

ChainGO is a logistics software based on blockchain technology.

It consists of an online collaborative platform to manage and control all information and documentation related to logistics processes in the easiest, fastest and safest way on the market.

ChainGO Freight

Our Platform is different

Real Time Visibility

Complete traceability of goods from

ChainGo Freight Real Time Visibility

Process Efficiency

Visibility for all agents in the chain, automation of processes and utomatic notifications in real time.

chaingo freight process efficiency


ChainGO Freight can be integrated with other systems and platforms.

ChainGo Freight Interoperability


The information and documentation uploaded to the platform is recorded and cannot be modified. Thanks to the use of Blockchain technology.

ChainGo Freiht Immutability

Data Analytics

Complete analysis of the information of the operation carried out with the appropriate insights.

ChainGo Freight data analytics


ChainGO Freight works for any type
of transport: sea, air, land and rail.
freight transport

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